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Trout Fishing Information

Long ago, trout were fished as a means of existence. Through the years, however, our food supply has become much more readily available.

Yet, the practice of catching fish has continued for all of these years. Why?

There are a lot of reasons for this. One is because it is just plain enjoyable!

Imagine yourself on the edge of a crystal clear river, meandering down the mountainside from the high peaks above. Feel the sun and breeze on your face.

A strike! And the battle is on.... You work to outwit the huge Brown trout on the end of your line as your heart races with excitement....

Be Prepared

Trout have survived for centuries because they have adapted and developed instincts that help keep them alive.

If you want to outsmart your prey, and have a limit of trout to show when you arrive back in camp, you need to be prepared for the task at hand.

Your odds of success will improve as your knowledge level increases. Having proper technique is important, yes, but being armed with an understanding of the process itself is even more critical.

You can be a more successful angler, if you just know how!

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