The Trout Fishing Pros

Welcome to our Trout Fishing Pros site. We have put this site together as a way of sharing our trout fishing experiences, knowledge and passion with you, our fellow angler! We love everything about fishing for trout, from the places it takes us to the people we meet.

My name is Mike Atasca, and I’ve got trout fishing in my blood! For generations, my family has perfected the art and skills of successful trout fishing. From the lakes to the streams, I’ve learned what really works when it comes to catching a beautiful string of trout, including Golden, Rainbow, Brook or Brown.

Here, on this website, you’ll find an amazing collection of resources, all geared toward helping you learn more about exciting trout fishing, and how it can work for you.

There is a page of Articles, with links to some of the best information you can find. Whether your passion is fly, lure or bait angling, I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge with you. If you want to really take advantage of what we are offering, check out the eBook, ‘Secrets from the Trout Fishing Pros‘ for wonderful, detailed information.

Well, we’d love to chat more, but…….
We’re goin’ trout fishing!!